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Selling auction engine. The engine is very flexible, you can create almost any type of auction.

What is an auction? Auction - public sale of any goods, securities, property of enterprises, works of art and other objects, which is carried out according to pre-established auction rules. In this case, the object is acquired by the winner of the auction. A common principle for all auctions is the principle of competition between buyers. In the process of competition between buyers for the right to purchase goods, the winner of the auction is identified. The winner of the auction is the person who won the auction in accordance with its rules.

In order for the user to start using the auction, he must:
Buy Bets (There are different packages).
Packages are created in such a way that people have the motivation to purchase more profitable packages. (In the admin panel you can set any packages below are described only the basic ones that we set)
100 bids costs 30 Euro,
150 bids cost - 50 Euro,
200 bids worth - 80 Euro.

After the acquisition, people will be able to bet.Having chosen a product and, depending on the type of offer, set bids.In the same place, the user can make a bet in another currency, for example, in euros. Co-factors are also configured in the admin panel.

User account
In the upper right you can go to your personal account where you can see information about your bets, active bets won and completed.
Auction types description (basic ones already in the engine)


This engine supports 3 basic types of auction:

1. An auction with a time limit, when the bid time increases.

Principle of operation.
There is a time limit for the auction, for example 15 minutes.
There is a lot that is set by the seller (Project Administrator).
Take for example  an Apple iPhone XS 256GB phone. Starting price 10€.
A group of people begin to bet, but the price should not be more than  10€.
The auction starts only after the number of bids has been announced. (in the settings, the administrator himself sets the number of bids to start the auction)
You can bet up using decimals\cents(for example, 9 .99€)
Note: If 2 users place the same bets, then their bid will burn.
The auction is won by the user who sets the highest bid that did not burn.


2. Auction with a start after a certain number of bids.

Principle of operation.
There is no time, users are given a certain number of places and bets (in the admin panel, the conditions are set for the number of participants and the number of bets for participants)
To participate, the user must place all the bets at once, otherwise he would not be able to take part in it.
The winner of the auction is determined as in option 1.


3. Auction at the maximum bid with a time limit.

Principle of operation
A certain number of free bets is given to users, after the free bets are used, bets will be used from the user's balance.
The auction starts on the due date and at a specific time. A certain number of times is allocated for the auction, the one who sets the highest bid wins.


From all of the above, questions may arise how the seller can make money if he puts expensive things for a small amount. The answer is simple. The whole system is built in such a way that the seller is always in the black. You can read more about it on the Internet using an example of an auction like Auction.
The engine is written in the Yii 2 + NodeJs frame.
It has a very convenient template engine and it can also change the time of auction’s bids in real time without requiring the reloading of the page.This is a very multi-functional admin panel.