Global Crypto Lotto

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Why are raffles, office pools and of course the Lottery so popular? Because people really love the chance to win a lot while only risking a little.

For as little as a dollar, people can buy a lottery ticket that can turn into hundreds of millions. But that old lottery system is about to get turned upside down. Global Crypto Lotto one-ups the traditional lottery system because winners will walk away with an asset that has the potential to continue growing, Bitcoin. Plus, Global Crypto Lotto offers games than giveaway much bigger jackpots than local lotteries. Not to mention, even non-players can get in the mix and earn some Bitcoin.

It’s easy to take part in Global Crypto Lotto. All you need is Internet access, a bitcoin wallet, and some BTC to play. As a bonus, everyone who creates an account will get 5 free entries once they deposit at least 0.0025 BTC.

To play, it costs as little as the BTC equivalent of approximately EU €5. Then users simply pick 6 numbers between 1 and 59 and a bonus number between 1 and 11 or use the Random option to have their numbers picked at random.


In the project we have 2 types of lottery:
1. Lotto Wednesday -
is one of the Australian lotteries, the main prize of which (mobile phone, macbook, TVs, ...). This technique is guaranteed to be paid when 6 numbers out of 59 match.
To participate in the “Australia Wednesday” lottery, potential winners must choose six numbers in the range from 1 to 59. Each participant can make this choice on their own or rely on luck and use the quick selection feature, where all numbers will be automatically generated by the computer. The most popular lottery in Australia today. The draw is held, as the name implies, every week on Saturdays.

2. Lotto Fridays - is one of the Jackpot European lotteries, the main prize of which is 1 000,000 EURO. This Jackpot is guaranteed to be paid when 5 numbers out of 59 and 2 stars out of 11 match.
The rules of the game itself are as simple as possible: you need to guess the winning combination of 7 numbers. 5 digits are selected from the first block (here the numbers are from 1 to 59), and 2 stars from the additional block (numbers from 1 to 11). If a player guessed 7 digits - he becomes a millionaire, because he earned 1 000,000 EURO! If you guessed from 2 to 6 digits - do not be upset, you get from 8 euros to 500,000 euros! There are 13 prize categories. Even the minimum prize (8 euros) allows you to justify buying a lottery ticket and stay in the black. Players with years of experience use small winnings to purchase extra tickets.



Imagine the magnitude of a GLOBAL WEEKLY CRYPTO LOTTO that works almost like any normal lotto with up to 30 winners every week, and where 40% of the prize is automatically reinvested in the CREX (Crypto Exchange) to buy token.

Crypto Lotto is following the EURO MILLIONS LOTTO.
GlobalCryptoLotto does not do the actual draw, winners are based on the same numbers as in the Euro Millons each Friday.Deadline to play is Thursday night at midnight.You can check that the numbers are correct on any Euro Million web page available on the internet.

BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitCoin Cash, Eos, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Monero, Iota, Stellar, ZCash, Cardano, Dash, Nero ...

YOU chose which currency to play with, the system instantly check how much €5 is in the chosen crypto.


5 gold numbers and 2 gold stars, 5 Silver numbers & 2 silver stars and 5 Bronze numbers and 2 Bronze stars

5 points for each correct gold number
3 points for each correct silver number
1 point for each correct bronze number

3 points for each correct gold star
2 points for each correct silver star
1 point for each correct bronze star

1st prize is paid to the player with the most points in each round


When someone play with a crypto currency we keep that crypto in the prize pool.The winners will get paid out 60% of all crypto currencies that has been collected from all players.All prize pools are split between the winner and the social circle.The winner gets 2/3 of the prize pool and the social circle gets 1/3 of the total prize pool.

The total prize pool is split as follows:
1st prize - 50%
2nd prize - 30%
3rd prize - 20%
Winners get 60% of all crypto’s to their accounts

10% of the Revenue of lotto coupons goes to the jackpot. 2% of all other sales of GlobalCryptoLotto is added to the jackpot. The jackpot is paid out only once it has reached €100.000. The jackpot is paid out when someone has 5 gold numbers and 2 gold stars correctly picked in one coupon.The jackpot is paid out only if there is one person with 5 gold numbers and 2 gold stars. In case there is 2 people qualifying for the jackpot the jackpot will remain.1/3 of the jackpot value will be paid to the people in the.